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Dear friends & customers.

Thank you very much for your trust and buying from us.


Usually we send packages from China to your country, that has long distance.

So the shipping and speed are important things.

Usually, we send out the packages in 24 hours, we not waste time from our part.

But sometimes the packages have big delay or lost by post office.

We feel very sorry for these problems.

For these things, we not able to do anything to avoid, because these things are out of control.

But if it happened, we will try our best to provide better solution for you.

This is what we can do for you.


I will explain our detailed solution:

When you spend your money to us, we have much responsibility to make sure the package arrive you safe, fast, correct.

Sometimes they will have big or small delay, because there have much possibility, weather, laws, post office's process, customs, etc.


For big delay.

Though finally the package arrived you, we know the delay bring much troubles to you.

Usually we will add extra gift or provide discount for next order, or send one small gift package to you.


For lost packages.

Under normal circumstances:

When the package was sent out more than 30 days but still not arrive you, that means it may have big delay or lost.

Under special circumstances(strike, customs law):

When the package was sent out more than 60 days but still not arrive you, that means it may have big delay or lost.


We will check with transport company and post office and ask them for more info.

Usually we report the tracking number and package info to transport company.

They will open an inquiry in post office.

After waiting about 1-2 weeks, we will ask you to open a dispute in Paypal if they still not reply us.

Usually, after some days process and waiting, you will get the full refund from Paypal.


We explain why we do this step instead of refund directly to your Paypal.

When you paid the item, we get your payment, then we start prepare and dispatch.

Our online price include three parts: Goods Cost, Shipping Cost, After Sale Service Cost.

No matter the package arrived or lost, we already paid money for buying the goods and shipping cost.

When the post office or transport company lost our package, both you and us are victims.

If we keep your money and not return it, you will be hurt. Because you paid money but get nothing.

If we refund your money, we will be hurt. Because we paid money but get nothing.

We asked a lot of times and found a better way.

We only use Paypal for online purchase, they provide both Buyer Protection and Seller Protection.

If the package was lost, we should report this problem to Paypal, you should open a dispute in Paypal.

(An important notice, please response their requirement when you received email from them)

Usually, they will take time to check the package status, please pay attention and don't worry, just waiting.

After they reviewed and found the package really lost, you will get the full refund.

Also we will not lose much money from the problem, because they protect us too.

But we know the problem bring much troubles to you.

So we try our best to provide some compensation for you.

Usually we will add much extra gift or provide big discount for next order, or send one gift package separately.


We hope you could understand these.

We hope you could remember we are trying our best to provide you better solution and service.


Also, we are trying to find better solution for these problems.

We hope we could be worthy of your trust.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes.

Sincerely, yeso521